Classic Motorcycle Parts

You can look for parts and spares for your motorcycle by taking a virtual tour of our tea chests. Check the list of contents, below. If you can see what you need, let us know – or alternatively, get in touch by e-mailing or by using our contact form to tell us what you are looking for. We have a wide selection of second hand parts in varying states of repair. We can often get hold of other parts either new or second hand.

When sending an e-mail enquiry, try to include the model of the motorcycle, the year of manufacture, and if possible the part number. Please also let us know where you are so we can estimate delivery costs.


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The contents include:

  1. Mudguards for Triumph, fork legs for 1960s BSAs and Triumphs
  2. Swinging arms for Triumph T140, Royal Enfield, BSA C15, Norton Commando, Triumph T90
    Back rest for Norton and Royal Enfield
  3. Mudguard stays
    Silencer for Sunbeam S8
  4. Magneto and Dynamo parts for all motorcycles, K2F and MO1
  5. Silencers for BSA and Royal Enfield
  6. Fork stanctions for Norton, BSA, Triumph and Royal Enfield
    Chain guards
  7.  Filters, cables valves, brake shoes, clutch plates, push rods, gaskets, tail-lens, sub-frame indicators, oil filters, grab rail for all makes.
  8. Handle-bars and brake rods for all makes.
  9. Lucas Dynamos for E3L, E3H
  10. Lucas magnetos for K15, K25 SR
  11. Clutches for BSA, Triumph, Norton, Ariel, Panther, Vincent and Villiers
    Chain wheels and hubs
  12. Headlamps and headlamp switches for all makes
    Mudguard stays, brake linings
  13. Type 6 monoblock, Amal carburretor parts, Amal MkI and Mk II
  14. Alternators, staters and rotors, 6v and 12v
  15. Clutch parts – plates, centres, screws, rivets and springs
  16. Lucas and Miller headlamps of various types
  17. Cylinders and cylinder heads for Triumph Bonneville, 8 stud, 9 stud and 10 stud
  18. Electrical components – dipswitches, headlight switches, ameters and rectifiers
  19. Lucas regulator boxes, distributors, coils and high tension coils
  20. Side panels and air filter housings for Triumph T140
  21. Brake parts, Lockheed for Triumph, Triumph Commando Hydraulic brake parts
    Mirrors and indicators
  22. Nuts, bolts, washers and studs for BSA, Triumph and Norton
  23. Inner tubes and single saddles, all makes
  24. Timing chest covers, inner and outer, for BSA A7, A10, B31, B32 and B33
    Panther engine parts including crank cases, cranks, barrels, timing gear
  25. 1960s Ariel Leader and Arrow engine parts including barrels, heads and bottom ends
  26. Nuts and bolts
  27. Sunbeam S7 and S8 engine parts including crown wheel and pinnions
  28. 1950s Norton Dominator parts including cranks and crank cases, cylinder heads, cogs and pinnions, advance and retard mechanisms
  29. 1940s and 50s Velocette Mac MSS engine parts including crank cases, gear boxes, valves, sprockets and push rods
  30. Chain cases for BSAC12, BSA A10, M20 Swinging arm and plunger Tin chain cases
  31. Aluminium chain cases for AJS, Ariel, Triumph and BSA
  32. Fork yokes and fork springs for Royal Enfield, Ariel, Triumph Tiger Cub
  33. Wheel hubs and sprockets for Ariel and BSA
    Ariel full-width hubs (1957)
  34. Headlamp brackets for BSA and Triumph
  35. Wheel hubs for AJS, Matchless, Royal Enfield and Norton Dominator
  36. Brake plates, all makes and models
  37. AJS and Ariel cylinder heads, cylinder barrels, rocker boxes
  38. Velocette engine parts, MSS and Venom, including front and rear half-width hubs
    Velocette chain cases and engine plates
  39. Royal Enfield 250 cylinder heads and barrels, pistons, Royal Enfield Model J head and barrel
  40. Norton Jubilee bottom half Triumph T140 electrical start timing cases
    Royal Enfield gearbox parts
    Side covers for Triumph, unit and pre-unit
  41. Bottom and top yokes for ariel, BSA, Norton, Panther and Triumph
  42.  Fork sliders and oil-seal holders for Royal Enfield, BSA, Norton, Triumph and AJS
  43. Full-width hubs for BSA, Triumph and Norton TLS
  44. Wheel sprockets for BSA and Triumph
  45. Brake plates front and rear for BSA, Triumph, Norton etc
  46. Triumph crank cases, pre-unit, for Tiger 100, 3T, 5T and 6T
  47. Cylinder heads for BSA A7 and A10, cast iron and aluminium
  48. Triuph Tiger Cub engine parts, including barrel, heads, pre-unit engine cases
  49. Triumph T120 and T140 engine and gearbox parts
  50. BSA 250 C15 crank cases and crankshafts
  51. A65 crank cases and gearbox parts
  52. Gearboxes, Burman pre-unit, for AJS, Ariel, Matchless and Albion pre-unit for Royal Enfield
  53. Triumph pre-unit gearboxes for 5T, 6T, Tiger 100, 110, and 120
  54. Triumph cylinder heads, cast iron and aluminium for Triumph 5T, 6T, 3TA and 5TA
  55. Triumph crank shafts, unit and pre-unit 350 – 650
  56. Lucas single cylinder magnetos MO1s and parts
  57. BSA Bantam D7 crank cases, crank shafts, pistons, barrels and heads, clutches and gearboxes
  58. BSA C15, C12 and B25 cylinder heads, cylinder barrels, rocker boxes and crankshaft
  59. Pre-unit gearboxes for BSA C12, B31 and B33, A7, A10
    Rigid, plunger and swinging arm
  60. BSA gearbox pinnions and shafts
    pre-unit A7 and A10, B31 and B33
  61. Triumph gearbox pre-unit pinnions and shafts for 5T, T100, T110 and T120
  62. BSA barrels for BSA A7 and A10
  63. Crankcases for BSA A7 and A10
  64. Rocker boxes for BSA A7 and A10
    triumph unit and pre-unit rocker boxes
  65. BSA crankcases for BSA A7 and A10
  66. BSA crankcases and crankshafts for B31 and B33
  67. Cylinder heads and barrels with pistons for BSA B31 and B33, M20 and M21
  68. BSA A7 and A10 swinging arm
    Gear boxes
  69. BSA M20 and M21, BSA B31 and B33 rigid and plunger gearboxes
  70. BSA A7 and A10 cast iron cylinder heads
  71. BSA A7 and A10 crank shafts
  72. BSA A7 and A10 rigid, plunger and swinging arm crank cases
  73. More BSA rigid, plunger and swinging arm crank cases
  74. BSA M20 and M21 crankshafts and crankcases
  75. Triumph unit construction 350 and 500 crankcases
  76. BSA B31 and B33, and M20 and M21 crankcases
  77. Triumph pre-unit gearboxes, standard and slick-shift gear box